Future aims of Labour Employment & Environment Development Council
  • To be the prime organization working for welfare of the unemployed ones in our society, by getting help of the CSR funds from various organizations & giving the same back in the form of Employment.
  • To get contracts from various organization & governmental bodies for betterment of Health, Environment & Safety at non developed regions by assigning, training, local youths.
  • To motivate the unskilled persons from weaker section of the society and providing them required resources & developing their skills to enable them to get gainful employment.
  • Developing Green belts for healthy environment in non-developed areas/ Industrial Areas.
  • Setting up various Farming Product Organizations(FPO) so that farmers can get maximum benefits.
  • Building up & Setting up various cold storages so that during off-season farmers can store their perishable crops/fruits/vegetables at reasonable rates so that during season they can get good price of their products.
  • Growing & developing various Herbal Trees/Plants & selling those Trees & Plants on No-Profit No-Loss Basis to Indian Producers, so that there will be a small help in Vision of Make in India Campaign.
  • Developing Honey Farm’s for those farmers who does not have their own land for cultivations.
  • Develop various poultry Farms, Cattle welfare organizations and provide employment to the women’s as well as Youth of the tribal and rural areas.
  • Develop various Gaushalas and providing employment to various illiterate & Unemployed Women’s & Youth, and also providing them basic education top eradicate illiteracy.
  • Developing of Rehabilitation centers at various places for stray animals who are homeless, Ill/sick or handicapped.
  • To adopt Public Medical Hospitals in tribal areas which has closed down due to lack of funding/resources and to equip them with modern facilities, in the tribal areas and make them functioning again for the betterment of the society.
  • Utilize the profits gained by National Fire Safety Institute, in the welfare of Society by providing Free Computer Education, carrier guidance, agriculture awareness & protection programs. Etc.